DHR3 Combination Microwave Motion Sensor & Active Infrared Presence Detector

$ 396.00

The SafePath™ DHR3 is a combination microwave and active infrared motion/presence sensor designed to provide both activation and safety protection for automatic sliding and folding doors.

The DHR3 is based upon the most reliable active infrared (AI) technology available—Floor Reflection Method (FRM). The DHR3 provides motion detection as far as 10.5 feet (.3.2m) from the door while simultaneously providing a dense zone of presence detection at the threshold of the door.

The DHR3 is designed for easy field installation and adjustment. The pattern width and depth are both mechanically adjustable. In addition, the depth can be altered electronically from 5 to 2 rows. All adjustments are available without the use of proprietary set-up devices.